Thursday, May 3, 2007 is yet another GPT site, except this time the twist is...well, actually there is no twist. Aside from an above average site design, you've probably seen this one before. OK, maybe that's not entirely fair, the site does have one unique feature: Instant Payouts. Instead of waiting until the end of the month, you can request your money any time you pass $15 in earnings. The catch is that PayPal is your only option, but for most that won't be an issue.

The site lacks all the bells and whistles or the big boys, but it also lacks some basic features that I feel should be standard. For instance, there is no way to filter or sort the offers page; all you get is one long list of offers to peruse. It's a frustrating shortcoming, especially since being able to sort offers by name, or date added is one of the best ways to find good offers on other sites. Like most sites, there is a proof-of-payment thread in the forums, and I've heard from other people that they're legit, so if you struggle through you will get rewarded.

Overall nothing to get excited about. If you just have to have another GPT on your roster than it's as good as any but it won't be knocking off the top sites any time soon...B

Joined: May 2007

Unbanked Earnings to Date: $0.75
Banked Earnings: $0.00

Will post scanned checks/prizes when I receive them

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