Friday, April 20, 2007

I suppose this is what it was like in the bad old days. seems to be one of the oldest freebie sites that's still in business. Than said, you wouldn't know if from looking at the site. Ugly graphics, tons of ads, and almost impossible navigation all make this look like a site that started a week ago, not two years ago. All that could be forgiven however, if the site offered the potential to make some good money, and that's where things get really embarrassing.

DonkeyMails offers numerous ways to make money, the most convenient is by clicking on e-mail links and staying at the site for 15 seconds. Your reward for all this clicking? .25 cents. That's not a typo. For the non-math inclined, that means for every 4 e-mails you click, you get a penny. Not much else needs to be said...ugh. On the plus side, this site appears to be stable, and when you finally save enough pennies to make the withdrawal, odds are you'll get your money.

Overall this site gets a better grade than it probably deserves based on consistency and solvency but unless you have nothing but time on you hands, look elsewhere: C-

Joined: April 2007

Unbanked Earnings to Date: $0.04
Banked Earnings: $0.00

Will post scanned checks/prizes when I receive them

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