Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Update to The Rating Scale

Now that I've got a pretty good collection of reviews on this site, it's occurred to me that the actual grades aren't very informative. To try and address that issue, I'm instituting the following standard:

A Range: A site I use everyday; the best of the best

B Range: A site I use occasionally, but not regularly for various reasons

C Range: A site that I don't use, but only because I feel I don't have time to add another site to my rotation; still recommended for someone who is a member of all the A and B sites but still wants more.

D Range: A site that I can't recommend for various reasons, but still trustworthy if you want to try

F Range: Scam sites; Either those that don't pay or abuse your private information

The pluses and minuses will still be utilized in order to rank the sites within each letter grade. Hopefully this will help organize the sites better, and help you pick which to join based on your interest level and time commitment.

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