Wednesday, April 4, 2007 is unlike any other free cash site that I'm aware of. Signing up automatically entitles the member to.....a penny. Pointless you say? Maybe at first, but the whole point is to take that penny and compete with other users in 3 different quick mini-games (with more on the way promised) to double you're stake. Each time you win you're eligible to risk more: 2 cents, 4 cents, 8 cents, all the way up to 10 million dollars. It's actually much better than it sounds, as you never have to risk you're entire stake and can slowly build up a bank. I currently have $10 (the minimum withdrawal amount I might add), and play for 64 cents a game. Once you get up to that level, the money starts to pile up quickly (if you're good). If that grind doesn't suit you, they also offer the usual survey, sign-up, and free trial bonuses (called boosters) to add larger chunks of cash to your bankroll.

The only catch is that you have to watch a quick commercial before every match, although I think there's only 6 or so, and once you've seen them you can skip right through and answer a quick question about the ad to continue. The other caveat is that this site is still in beta, so it's invite only. If you're interested, leave a comment in this post with your e-mail address and I'll send you an invite if I have one (they're rationed out 3 or 4 at a time); first come, first served.

Overall a hard site to rank since it's so different than everything else, but it's nice to look at, works well, and seems to pay out without a hitch: A

Joined: March 2007

Unbanked Earnings to Date: $10.03
Banked Earnings: $0.00

Will post scanned checks when I receive them

Leave comment with e-mail address for invite.


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ok am intrested.invite me my e-mail adress is

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i am interested, my email address is
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