Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Pay Site Tutorial

So now that I've convinced you to sign up for one of the freebie sites on the website, you're probably wondering where to start. Let's be honest, this isn't rocket science, but there are a few tips that will make it as painless as possible.

First: Sign up for a New E-mail Address
Before you even sign up for a site, you should create a new Hotmail/Yahoo/etc. e-mail address to use. Since you're going to be getting a bunch of junk mail, you don't want to use you're regular address. As you join more and more sites, you probably want to create a new e-mail for each; it will make it much easier to track down confirmation e-mails and the like if you have less messages to dig through.

Second: Sign up for PrivatePhone.com
Now that you know you won't be spammed by e-mail, it's time to insulate yourself from being spammed by phone. Privatephone.com is a free internet voicemail company. All you have to do is sign up, pick a region, and PrivatePhone.com will give you a valid phone number to use in lieu of your real one. Since I've never had any reason to actually check it, I've never signed up for more then one.

Third: Download Roboform
Now that you've registered and have gotten a feel for the site, it's time to start filling out offers. At first it's easy, but the more you do the more you realize what a pain it is to keep filling out the same info. Enter Roboform: a free program that will fill out entire forms for you at the push of a button. I found it to be really simple, but for detailed instructions just click the link to the website. This program has cut the time I spend filling out forms in half.

Fourth: Use Your Bastard Browser!
Admit it, you have at least two browsers on your system and you only use one of them. The other just sits there; the bastard son of your laptop or desktop. For most people, this seems to be Internet Explorer. I've found using IE to be a powerful way to increase your approval rates. I'm not sure if it's something about the software, or just using a browser that doesn't have much junk on it. Regardless, it works.
To maximize rate of return:
1. Make sure you clear cookies
2. Do an offer and submit
3. Clear cookies again
4. Close out browser. This is key, since I've found a lot of these cookies are stored in memory, meaning even if you clear them they will still cause offers to be rejected until to close and reopen!

And the Rest
There are just a few other things to remember:
1. Always read and obey the membership requirements. Not doing so could cost you all your not-so-hard won earnings, and that would suck.
2. Refer, Refer, Refer. The difference between a couple extra bucks, and a new TV every couple moths is building up a network of referrals.
3. Be Patient: Some sites approve offers really quickly, others take the better part of a day. I like to fill out 3 or 4 in a chunk, and then leave the site alone for the day and then check what approves. If they did, great, if they don't, don't stress; there's always another offer there.

4. If you run into a wall, and nothing seems to be approving, the best thing to do is check if you're the only one. Every site's forum has at least one post like this, which has a list of offers that have been approving for members.
5. There is power in the hotkey. Specifically, when filling out those pages with 25 or so "Yes/No" radio buttons, try this. Click "No" on the first one, they hit the Tab key, they hit the Down key. Rinse and repeat until you hit the submit button. Major carpal tunnel saver!

Hope this little tutorial helps. If I missed anything or got it wrong, drop a comment and let me know.

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