Thursday, April 5, 2007

Netwinner isn't your standard freebie site; there are no surveys, no sign-ups, and no links to click through. Instead, you sign up and get essentially enter a 30 second "Pick 5" lottery that you can play over and over and over again. And you'd better get used to playing, as the only prizes available are gift certificates for 25,000 points. I average about 10 points per every 5 spins of the wheel, so you can do the math. There are also cash prizes, but I've never heard of anyone winning them.

The upside is that spinning the wheel is pretty painless. You can play while watching TV and pay zero attention to what's going on. Also, it seems like the people who have the patience to play do actually receive their prizes, so at least the site's legit.

If you're an absolute freebie site junkie, this is a site that can feed the need even while doing something else. Otherwise, your time is best spent elsewhere: C

Joined: March 2007

Unbanked Earnings to Date: 2,090 Points
Banked Earnings: $0.00

Will post scanned checks/prizes when I receive them

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Anonymous said...

Yeah Netwinner is okay. I joined awhile back and thought it would produce some good money, but it's too boring. I am mainly focusing on "A Global Community" I currently have 600+ referrals and am just waiting for the official launch. Check out my site for more info:

I think it would fit perfectly with your blog and I would love to have you in my network.