Tuesday, April 3, 2007


GamingLagoon.com isn't a free cash site per se, as instead of money, you earn points that can be exchanged for prizes. The downside is you obviously don't get cash, the upside is that means you can get rewarded a lot faster. For instance, I redeemed a Microsoft Marketplace Point card and had the code within 24 Hours from my request. (Almost) instant gratification is a good thing.

The site isn't as pretty as some others, but it works well. You can see your available offers, pending and completed. The offers approve very quickly, meaning if you haven't been approved in 15 minutes, you won't ever be. Luckily most of the offers go through with no problems.

Not the prettiest site, but works as advertised. A must try for any gamer: A-

Joined: March 2007

Unbanked Earnings to Date: 11.42 Points
Banked Earnings: 1600 Microsoft Points (Cost: 22.00 Points)

Referral Link: http://www.gaminglagoon.com/?ref=31968

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